Project Description

Customer Requirements

A private customer in Yeovil came to us with an exciting proposal for a bathroom refurbishment.

Since they had already decided upon what they wanted and where it should go, we didn’t need to offer advice on the design or layout of the room. We had a quick look at their bathroom and proposed sanitary ware, just to confirm their choices would work.

Once we came to the conclusion that the project was achievable and we could deliver what the client wanted, we could immediately began to install their new bathroom!

finished bathroom refurbishment

The Work We Carried Out

We have specialists in all fields to install the bathroom suite completely, so this type of project was perfectly suited for us.

To begin with, we got the plumbing sorted. This included:

  • Fixing the heating
  • Hot & cold water pipework
  • Fitting all necessary soil and waste pipework

In this case, the tiling was carried out by others, so we returned at a later date to complete the project.

Then it was just a case of installing the sanitary ware the customers had kindly provided us with.  We’re able to supply the sanitary ware ourselves, but when it’s already supplied for us and ready to install, that makes our life easier. To add to that, we know that what we’re fitting is exactly what they asked for, so hopefully there won’t be any complaints!

piping underneath vintage bath

The Finished Job

We fitted the shower, bath, toilet and basin you can see below.

You can see the end result of the refurbishment – a beautiful and decorative bathroom, which the client was very pleased with.

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