How Britchards Are Providing a Superior Customer Experience with Commusoft

One of the biggest obstacles for field-service companies such as our own is keeping everything organised so we are able to provide the best and most convenient service possible.

In the past, outdated paper-based systems were so slow and inefficient, that appointments were delayed and customers left frustrated.

To stop these problems from occurring, we’ve invested in Commusoft; a job management software that helps to manage our workload more efficiently.

This means that we can get more jobs done and we’ll be able to get an engineer out to you quicker.

Have engineers left you frustrated in the past by arriving late and disorganised?

At Britchards that won’t be an issue.

commusoft mobile interface

How Commusoft Improves Convenience

  • Notifications & Updates – Commusoft allows us to send you regular communication updates either by text or email. This helps us to notify you of when an engineer will arrive and any changes in plans.

  • Service Reminders – We can send repeat inspection reminders. This saves us having to manually ring up customers to let them know their service is due. A booking link will be included in the text/email, enabling you to book an appointment at ease.

  • Online Booking – Not only does online booking save us time, but it makes it easier for our customers to book. Working individuals may often struggle to find time to call us, but now are able to book appointments online 24/7.

  • Faster Payments – Commusoft’s advanced software means we are able to take payments online, in the field or over the phone. Whichever payment method suits you; we can handle!

  • Accurate Estimates – Upon booking an appointment, you will receive an accurate quote. This means that you know almost exactly how much it will cost before even paying a deposit.

  • Better Organised – Utilising Commusoft allows us to organise our workload and manage our customers more effectively, so a fantastic service can be provided to you at all times.

How To Use Commusoft

Customer Portal

Another handy feature that Commusoft allows us to utilise is the customer portal. This is specifically designed for our customers convenience. Once we invite you to use the customer portal, you will be able to access an array of useful information such as:

  • The property/s you have saved in our database. You’ll be able to view every job and estimate logged against each property. Under each job, they’ll be a detailed overview and job report.

  • You’ll also be able to view diary appointments, certificates, forms, job reports and any uploaded photos or files.

  • In the portal, you can check past, present, or future appointments. Here you can see which appointments have been booked, completed, marked as no-access, or cancelled.

  • You’ll be able to see all unpaid invoices, with information on how much has or hasn’t been paid. Unpaid invoices will be marked in red to help you stay on top of your debts.

  • Customers will be able to log in and view completed certificates, which they’ll then be able to download and print as a PDF. This will save you having to call us, as you’ll have access to the certificates yourself.

commusoft interface on tablet, desktop, laptop and mobile

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