Commercial – Mechanical Services

Our mechanical services installations include hot & cold water services, heating, natural gas, LPG, oil, ventilation & air conditioning to all types of commercial buildings & businesses. We also carry out maintenance & repair work to all of these installations to ensure ongoing reliability & efficiency.

Our highly-trained mechanical specialists are experts in providing solutions for even the most complex issues or problems keeping your business running smoothly.

The installation or repair of these systems can be a large and daunting business expense. We work with you to meet your needs and budget; providing energy-efficient commercial mechanical services, helping reduce utility costs and creating a healthier, more comfortable working environment.

From our years of experience we are able to offer flexible solutions designed to meet your specific needs with minimal disruption to your business.

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    Our Commercial Customers

    • Care Homes

    • Country Estates

    • Residential Homes

    • Dental Practices

    • Schools

    • Hospitals

    • Office Buildings

    • Sport and Leisure Centres

    • Shops

    • Hotels

    • Restaurants

    • Warehouses

    • MOD properties

    Recent Work


    Air Conditioning

    Air conditioning systems have been in use in the workplace, public buildings and on public transport for many years now. Good air quality has been proven to reduce staff absenteeism and productivity in the work place. It also prevents electrical items such as computers from overheating prolonging their lifespan.

    It is in more recent years that air conditioning has become increasingly popular in the home. This is due to the many health benefits. With more extreme heat in the summer, air conditioning provides you with a welcome break from the heat enabling you to sleep better in the night time and continue with everyday tasks during the day without feeling breathless and exhausted.

    Our maintenance service will prolong the life of your Air Conditioning system, preventing breakdowns and optimising the efficiency of the system, reducing energy costs.

    Whether your requirements are domestic or commercial, you can rest assured that Britchards have the solution for you.

    hands opening air conditioning unit to view insides
    air conditioning unit in garden

    Air Conditioning – Jobs Undertaken

    • Single or multi split systems

    • Domestic and commercial

    • Ceiling cassette air conditioners

    • Wall mounted air conditioners

    • Ducted systems

    • Combined heating/cooling/climate control

    • Servicing, maintenance and repairs

    Ventilation Systems

    Our specialist team at Britchards have many years of experience in providing reliable commercial ventilation systems for applications in many commercial industries. These include residential sites, country estates, large and small offices, schools, health care providers such as surgeries and care homes, MOD properties and many more.

    We provide specialist commercial solutions for each application recognising that each application has its own unique requirements; buildings vary in size, design and structure so we confidently design the system based upon each building’s specific requirements.

    Systems can incorporate circular or flat UPVC ducting or galvanised steel ductwork (spiral wound or rectangular).

    On larger systems specialist contractors are often used as an integral part of our contract for ease of co-ordination and control.

    You can have full confidence and peace of mind that we will provide advice and guidance on all aspects of your new system including compliance of legislation, noise control, air movement, desired appearance and ongoing maintenance requirements such as air duct cleaning.

    Enjoy a comfortable, healthy and compliant work environment with our reliable ventilation systems designed with both your needs in mind and to suit your budget. A great ventilation system really is a great business investment.

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