Oil & Gas Heating

Oil and gas are the UK’s main energy sources. Gas is the main source for homes in more urban areas while oil often serves homes in rural areas. LPG is an option for rural homes where gas is not available but is the preferred choice. When you are faced with choosing a heating system there is a lot to consider.

Choosing between natural gas, LPG and oil really is up to you. Having an oil or LPG system involves delivery and storage which can be problematic if space is limited. Natural gas, on the other hand, is piped directly into your home providing a constant supply without the need for delivery or storage.

Our team at Britchards assess your premises and guide you towards the best energy source for your home or business premises. With one of the most extensive heating selections, we can supply and install heating systems to residential, commercial and industrial properties on all scales. With ongoing advice and guidance and a maintenance programme in which we service, repair and replace your systems as and when required, we guarantee complete peace of mind when choosing your heating system.

Oil & Gas – Jobs Undertaken

  • Design and installation of new systems

  • Domestic and commercial

  • Natural gas, LPG and oil

  • Repairs and maintenance

  • Alterations and additions to existing systems

  • Oil tank replacements

  • Boiler and water heater installation/replacements

  • Pipework repairs

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