System Controls

Choosing the best control system for your requirements will, no doubt, save you from wasted energy and money vastly reducing your carbon dioxide emissions and reducing your bills. The efficiency of any domestic or commercial heating and hot water system can easily be hampered by a lack of suitable controls. With the large range available on the market today this is totally unnecessary and easily avoidable with specialist advice and guidance.

Britchards are able to offer that advice and guidance so you make the right choice first time and reap the benefits immediately after installation.

Many homes and commercial properties have heating systems with no room thermostat leaving the systems controlled purely by thermostatic radiator valves alone. This can be particularly inefficient and substantially reduce the life expectancy of the boiler and cost far more than it needs to in utility bills.

You can easily take full control of regulating temperatures in every room and comfortably heating your property in the most convenient way for you no matter whether you are home or not.

From straightforward domestic controls to purpose built control panels, Britchards can provide efficient controls for all types of domestic and commercial  property.

System Controls – What’s available?

  • Smart controls

  • Full BMS (Building Management Systems) to commercial properties

  • Control upgrades

  • Thermostatic radiator valves

  • Programmable and standard room thermostats

  • Hot water system controls

  • Mechanical boiler timers

  • 7 day programmers

  • Wired and wireless controls

  • System zoning

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